Our theater is dynamic seating, meaning our seating can change per event. Typically for every show, we have one of three styles or a mixture of the three: general admission, reserved seating, and catered-style seating. For general admission, seating is first come, first served. You will pick your seat from the allotted section. For reserved seating, you will choose your seat from the chart pictured on ShowTix4U.com. Usually, we will have premium reserved, generally reserved, and student reserved seating options. Please note that our premium seating is the most comfortable with our plush, purple seats (D, E, F, H). Our general reserved is still very comfortable but will start a few rows in with our padded green seats (G, I, K) or our standard red seating further back (L, M, N, O). Please note that rows I and K are barstools, which will be sold as either general reserved or student-reserved seating. Our first row C is handicap accessible; to purchase tickets in this row, you must call the box office at 570-252-4156.