Brenton Schlosshauer

Brenton Schlosshauer started his journey into theatre right here in NEPA, when he was but a wee chap. Performing in many local community productions, he soon graduated with a degree in theatre from Northampton College, and moved to NYC. He acquired a job with New York City Opera, where he worked stage management for productions such as Angels in America and La Campana Sommersa at Jazz at Lincoln Center. Near the end of his stint in Brooklyn, Brent found solace and a great passion for the art of drag and civil rights. His female persona, also known as Urethra Vas D’Ferens, has performed in venues across the city and looks very forward to bringing hilarious and educational drag shows back to her homeland of PA. Through Brent’s idolization of Carol Channing, he has dedicated his life to one thing, and that’s to “lift people up” while having one heck of a raucous time.