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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Ritz?2023-02-25T10:48:28-05:00

The Ritz Theater & Performing Arts Center is a building rich in Scranton history. One of the oldest theaters in NEPA, we are now home to an educational arts program called the Creative and Performing Arts Center. The Ritz Theater has our very own troupe of actors called the Ritz Mainstage Players. The Ritz Mainstage Players is responsible for our theater for young audience productions, Fairytale Brunches, and more mature productions, such as past titles like Into the Woods, Matilda, Urinetown, and Little Women.

The Ritz Theater & Performing Arts Center also hosts various events and rentals throughout the year. Previously we have hosted a variety acts, business luncheons, and formal galas. This past year we hosted groups like the Greater Scranton Chamber of Commerce, the Lackawanna Historical Society, and the National Alliance on Mental Illness. We host events both ticketed that are open to the public, as well as invite-only.

Where is the theater?2023-02-25T10:48:13-05:00

The Ritz Theater & Performing Arts Center is located in downtown Scranton at 222 Wyoming Ave, Scranton, PA. There are both stairs and an elevator to access the theater on the second floor.

Is the theater handicap accessible?2023-02-25T10:47:31-05:00

Yes! Although the Ritz Theater is an old vaudeville theater with many stairs, we have a chair lift and elevator located right on the first floor. This will take you straight up to our front-row ADA and handicap-accessible seating. Our Poli Lounge is the only part of our building that is not currently handicap-accessible.

How was the Ritz Theater established?2023-02-25T10:53:21-05:00

Click here to read all about the Ritz history of the past 115 years!

How do I purchase tickets?2023-02-25T10:53:48-05:00

You can call us at 570-252-4156, leaving a message and we will return your call shortly. Tickets purchased over the phone will require credit card information. You can always obtain tickets on our website by clicking on the event you would like to attend on our event page. It will take you to our ticketing platform: We also sell tickets at the door 30 minutes to an hour before each of our events at an additional $5 per ticket.

What is CaPAA?2023-02-25T10:55:26-05:00

The Ritz Theater & Performing Arts Center is home to several different groups and organizations. One of our most well-known is our educational arts division: NEPA’s Creative and Performing Arts Academy! CaPAA provides opportunities to be on-stage or backstage for students K-12. Sometimes our CaPAA kids are pulled for performance opportunities in the Ritz Mainstage Players.

CaPAA of NEPA’s mission is to provide quality education in the creative and performing arts to young children, teens, and adults in an environment that honors achievement, creativity, and personal growth, regardless of ability or resources. We aim to nurture and inspire a lifelong love and appreciation of the creative and performing arts and provide unique opportunities for cultural exchange and community understanding.

Learn more about CaPAA here!

Is there a senior, military, or student discount?2023-02-25T10:45:57-05:00

If a show offers a discount based on these categories, you will see an option for it listed on the event’s ticketing page. Please bring valid senior, military, or student ID when claiming tickets.

How can I support the Ritz Theater & Performing Arts Center?2023-02-25T10:45:37-05:00

There are a variety of ways to support the Ritz! Please contact our Community Outreach Manager, Carole Mason, at to learn how you can help us make history at the Ritz!

What is your seating like?2023-02-25T10:45:04-05:00

Our theater is dynamic seating, meaning our seating can change per event. Typically for every show, we have one of three styles or a mixture of the three: general admission, reserved seating, and catered-style seating. For general admission, seating is first come, first served. You will pick your seat from the allotted section. For reserved seating, you will choose your seat from the chart pictured on Usually, we will have premium reserved, generally reserved, and student reserved seating options. Please note that our premium seating is the most comfortable with our plush, purple seats (D, E, F, H). Our general reserved is still very comfortable but will start a few rows in with our padded green seats (G, I, K) or our standard red seating further back (L, M, N, O). Please note that rows I and K are barstools, which will be sold as either general reserved or student-reserved seating. Our first row C is handicap accessible; to purchase tickets in this row, you must call the box office at 570-252-4156.

What is your capacity for events?2023-02-25T10:57:09-05:00

Our theater is 375 guests, 250+ guests for catered seating, and 500 guests for standing cocktail. We can do a 500 guest standing cocktail. Our Poli Lounge can accommodate 50-75 guests. Click here to see more information on our theater or our Poli Lounge

Can I hire a fairytale character for my special event?2023-02-25T10:58:24-05:00

We have nearly every princess character you heart could desire! Our standard princesses are Beauty, Scottish Princess, Desert Princess, Briar Rose, Cinderella, Fairest Princess, Ice Queen, Island Princess, Snow Princess, Little Mermaid, Rapunzel, Alice, Queen of Hearts, Native Princess, and Mary Poppins. We also offer a few villains for Halloween, like Sea Witch, Maleficent, Mother Gothel, and Captain Hook, as well as a few male characters, like Beast, Prince Eric, Peter Pan, and Prince Charming.

Contact to find out how you can have our princesses at your next event!

Do our shows travel?2023-02-25T10:43:30-05:00

We have occasionally had traveling performances for various educational institutions and organizations. Please contact for more information to hear about our options of bringing the Ritz Theater to you!

How can my kid be involved?2023-02-25T10:59:08-05:00

Click here to find out what’s going on at the Creative and Performing Arts Center. You can always contact for more info!

Can I rent the Ritz?2023-02-25T10:42:18-05:00

Yes! The Ritz Theater has many rental packages available for all ages! We do everything from parties to having your dance recital on the Ritz stage! Contact for more information!

Do you host parties?2023-02-25T10:41:48-05:00

We host parties of all kinds! We have had parties in our Poli Lounge, the Blackbox Café, or in the theater! So, whether it’s your little one’s birthday party or a retirement party for a coworker, whether you want an intimate cocktail or a movie on the big screen, whether a murder mystery or a chill karaoke night, bring your party to the Ritz! Contact for more information!

When are auditions?2023-02-25T10:41:00-05:00

We have an annual season casting call at the end of the summer and occasional open calls throughout the year based on project needs. Follow our social media channels to stay up to date with casting opportunities!

If you are interested in auditioning for the Ritz before that, contact

Does the Ritz accept new work?2023-02-25T10:40:21-05:00

We have produced original musicals like Happy Elf and The Little House on the Ferry! If you are interested in having the Ritz produce your work here on our stage, contact!

Can I work at the Ritz?2023-02-25T11:00:32-05:00

If you would like to inquire about future job opportunities, contact

Can I rent costumes and props from the Ritz?2023-02-25T10:38:48-05:00

The Ritz has over a decade of costumes and props used in a variety of shows! Perhaps your school, church, or community theater needs something specific or maybe you need some pieces to inspire you! Contact to find out if we have what you’re looking for!

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